Lost At Sea

A ship taking on water. A captain nowhere to be found. And a series of strange coincidences. Lost At Sea is a story about a trip on a cruise ship gone wrong - using story, metaphor and song to cross difficult waters.

Filmed by Fair Projects, this 2018 performance of Matt Wicking's powerful talk features sound design by The General Assembly. Audio mix by D.A.Calf.

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Act now

Welcome aboard. We are a movement rising; a great tide of people prepared to do what it takes to shift power.
The next steps are simple:

1. Find a friend.

Message a friend. Link arms. We’re stronger together, and it's more fun that way anyway!

Use this text if you like: Dear friend, I care about you. And our future. I'm joining others to change the status quo. And I want us to do it together. Let's make a plan! Love, Me (www.cloudcatcher.org/lostatsea)

2. CONNECT WITH OTHERS. take action.

Supercharge your efforts by joining the bigger movement.

We’ve got three suggestions: (a) take action (b) move your money (c) spread the word. More on each below. And remember, whoever you join with, the best actions we can take are those that shift power, are intersectional, put First Peoples first, are grounded in the fight for a healthy planet, and have justice at the core.


a. Take action

“How can one person make a difference? Getting together with thousands of other passionate people is a great start” - WWF

Here’s some great groups and campaigns who need you. Find what lights you up*, join in, and let’s grow this movement. Attend a meeting, an event, a rally or a sit-in. Write letters to pressure those with power. They’ll be happy to hear from you. And together you can work out your best role.


Active in 77 countries. Using advocacy, non-violent direct action, communications, & events to create positive change. In Australia, Melbourne is particularly active.

Join In

Rapidly growing globally. A new group with clear demands, fighting for survival in the face of government inaction. Getting people on the streets is their main aim.

Join In

Across 188 countries, 350 uses online campaigns, community organising, and mass public actions to oppose new fossil fuel projects and transition to clean energy.

Join In

Action groups are popping up all over Australia to fight the Adani coal project. Real people getting together to make change & move Australia beyond coal.

Join In

Australia's national environmental organisation. Join national campaigns or local action groups. Speak out for thriving forests, rivers, people & wildlife.

Join In

US-based and one of the world’s first large-scale environmental organisations. Uses people power to fight for safer communities and for a healthier planet.

Join In


A growing and inspirational international movement of students striking from school to demand climate action. Australian link below. Elsewhere, search online for the branch of the 'Youth Climate Movement' in your country.

Join In

Young Australians changing the world! SEED is building a movement of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander young people for climate justice. Non-indigenous youth can join partner organisation, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Join In

A US group building an army of young people backing a Green New Deal to stop climate change & create millions of good jobs. Join young people who are scared of the climate crisis' impact on the people & places we love.

Join In

Confused by all the choices? You can’t go wrong. Find one that feels good and reach out.

b. Move your money

We need to rebalance power. The truth is, money matters. Get your money out of bad stuff (divest) and put more into good stuff (donate).


Whether you know it or not, you’re probably funding stuff you hate - through your bank, your super/pension fund or insurance. Divestment means getting your money out and putting it somewhere good. It feels great. So move your money, and influence others to do the same.


In Australia, Market Forces is here to help you divest. Use their tools to:


Globally, Fossil Free is a great place to start. They're helping people put pressure on workplaces, universities, faith-based groups, local councils, and more.


If you have capacity, giving money is one way to rebalance power, particularly when given to Indigenous peoples and other systematically marginalised groups who are fighting to change or survive the status quo. So give generously.* Here’s some suggestions:

Support Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous peoples are a potent force on the frontlines fighting colonialism and environmental harm.


Support Other Vulnerable People
As we move into an uncertain future, we need to look after the most vulnerable among us.


*But don’t let that stop you joining us on the street

c. Spread the word

Share Lost At Sea to help this story reach more eyes and ears.

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- House concert featuring Matt performing LOST AT SEA plus a solo set of live music. Book via Parlour now

- Public or private event featuring LOST AT SEA with live music and projections. Adaptable to suit your event, group, venue. Let’s chat


- Go for it! This film is free to use. Get in touch to let us know, ask questions or for guidance on conversation topics.

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