How We Work


Equity, inclusion and sustainability guide our hearts and our hands at every turn.

We are reliable and flexible, smart and accessible, creative and clear. Our work is thorough, backed by qualifications in psychology, business, sustainability, the arts and more. Our deep experience and our sensitive approach means it feels light and intuitive.

We gather together as needed. Your initial contact will be with Matt. He may bring in one or more of his partners if their skills or perspective are useful. That means you get the focus of a single contact, with the richness of a diverse group.

We acknowledge the complexity of the human animal - our entwined social, emotional, spiritual & physical needs. We work with those elements in all that we do.

We acknowledge that the issues we face, from environmental crisis to social injustice, are intersectional and systemic. This stuff runs deep. And wide. It's not just the actions of 'bad people' that lead to bad outcomes; most people in bad systems will tend to make unhealthy choices. As far as possible, we aim our work at those systemic roots - in the way we work, the projects we accept and the relationships we cultivate.

We work where we’re needed, but Cloud Catcher finds its home on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay respect to elders past and present. We honour their ongoing connection to land and to culture. We commit to working in a way that increases care of Country, that helps to grow understanding and shared intent between white and black Australia and that takes responsibility for our own decolonisation.